Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What I am going to miss about Home School

  These are some things I am going to miss about Home School

  1.  dog sitting.
  2. end early.
  3. not to much hard work.
  4. its fun

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Big City in Taiwan

  Big City is a Mall in Taiwan. And the best thing about it is the eighth floor. I like the eighth floor because it has an arcade, bowling and a park. My favorite one is the arcade and bowling. My favorite games are caching fish and doing air battles flying the U.S.A. Air Force it is very hard.there is also a Lego store at the 6th floor and we meet jay their.

 The front looks very, very, very, big.

               Because its           big city!

    Ha ha ha ha! 

   Wow! Jay looks very proud of himself.

   Even if he is made out of Lego he looks real sort of.

   I look a little weird there.








 This is the fish game and Theo is very good at it.

 This is the climbing park.

 It was so painful going through their.


  Ge! That was very, very, very, very, hard.






 Big City has a total of 10 floors. The restaurants are on floor 7 and floor B1. I like the Japanese food on level 7. The food in their is vary good. My favorite was Chinese food and Japanese food. 

   -Justin dos Santos

Monday, April 2, 2018

Two things I did in Taiwan

  1. My grandpa, my grandma, Theo, and I rode Taiwan's hi-speed rail to Taipei and the center of Taiwan I forgot the city's name. Oh! We also met pepper at the train station too. It was fun.

    pepper dancing

    us on the bullet train

    bullet train

    at the train station
    1. We also visited the biggest boddha in Taiwan and wen we walked to the buddha there were first smaller buddhas then there were little munks then there were lions and there was the biggest buddha in Taiwan. 

    largest buddha in Taiwan


Monday, March 26, 2018

Dogs I like

  Hear are 5 reasons I like dogs that do not bite.
  1. cute
  2. fun
  3. do not bite
  4. warm awesome
  5. funny

A trip to Taiwan

  We just cam back from Taiwan a Day ago, and now we are in California it took us 14 and a half hours from SFO to TPE to get there and we just rest and wach movies all day it was boring but at lest it only took us 10 and a half hours from TPE to SFO. Any way Taiwan was so, so, so, so, so, 


Now we are staying in California for two days then we are going back to Minnesota and my grandma and grandpa are staying in Minnesota for two days.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

What I did Yesterday

  Yesterday in the Morning I did three pages of each, Math and Language arts, and Theo don't no. A few minutes later, we went out to eat at a Chinese Breakfast. My favorit was the dumplings.

  Grandpa, me, Theo, and Grandma went to a pizza and cafe place to gather with Grandpa's side of the family Theo and I played with two of our cousins.

  After we went home and ate dinner and I was so tired after dinner I went to bed with out brushing my teeth.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Super Sonic Deck!

  I call this mtg deck Super Sonic! its because it's quite super sonic. Also it is really fun to play with. It was a 5 mn made deck. 
  1. Weaver of lightning 1
  2.  Ovalchase Dragster 3
  3. Chandra, the Firebrand 1
  4. Quicksmith Rebel 2
  5. Renegade Freighter 3
  6. Liquimetal Coating 1
  7. Spireside Infiltrator 1
  8. Messenger's Speed 1
  9. Reckless Fireweaver 3
  10. Brazen Scourge 3
  11. Aethertorch Renegade2
  12. Strider Harness 1
  13. Harnessed Lightning 1
  14. Spontaneous Artist 1
  15. Speedway Fanatic 3
  16. Skyship Stalker 1
  17. Magmatic Chasm 2
  18. Kuldotha Phoenix 1
  19. Renegade Tacticts 2
  20. Galvanic Bombardment 2
  21. Firefiend Elemental 1
  22. Filligree Familiar 1
  23. Village Messenger 1
  24. Hijack 1
  25. Incendiary Flow 1
  26. Expedite 1
  27. Mountain 20

  After you play with this deck you will be amazed of how it works!

  -Justin dos Santos