Friday, February 16, 2018

How to make a 100 card deck in MTG (commander)

Hello everybody,

Here are some directions of building a 100 card deck or a commander deck. So first you want to pick a commander and you can pick any LEGENDARY CREATURE you want hear are a few legendary creatures.
Image result for legendary creatures
Image result for legendary creatures
Adriana, Captain of the Guard
Image result for legendary creatures
Dominus, the Awakened

  After you have chosen your commander you are now going to be asking something like "How much lands do I need" or "How much creators do I need" bellow I will answer your question.
  • You should hove about 30 to 34 lands.
  • You should have about 36 to 40 creators.
  • You should have about 20 to 25 instants and sorceries.
  • You should have about 0 to 10 artifacts and enchantments.
  If this is your first commander deck try doing 10 artifacts and enchantments, 34 lands 36 creators 20 instants and sorceries.

  -Justin Dos Santos

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to make a 60 Card Deck in MTG

Hello everybody,

Here are some directions of building a 60 card deck. So first you want to look at the five colors that you can build your deck with. Here are the five colors of MTG and what they do.
  1. RED red cards deal a lot of damage with there instants and sorceries.
  2. BLACK black cards tend to destroy and create lots of zombies.
  3. WIGHT wight card make huge armies of small creators.
  4. BLUE blue cards counter opponents spells.
  5. GREEN green cards stomp there opponents with huge creators.
  If this is your first deck then I wold start with Blue, and Red.

  Now you are gonna be asking something like "How much lands do I need" or "How much creators do I need" bellow I will answer your question.
  • You should hove about 20 to 24 lands no more no less.
  • You should have about 20 to 26 creators no more no less.
  • You should have about 10 to 14 instants and sorceries.
  If this is your first deck try doing 24 lands 26 creators 10 instants and sorceries.

  -Justin Dos Santos

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lego Family House

Hello people!

  This is my Lego Family House that I was building lately and here are some uncompleted parts.
  1.  The roof.
  2.  The chimney.
  3.   A window in the Master bedroom. 
  Now I will show you around the house OK. Lets start at the front yard first.
The Front Yard
  Here is the front yard and you can see the missing roof.

  OK so lets go to the garden here.

  So these are the things I added to the garden.
  1. A waterfall though I do not think you can see it in this photo.
  2. A vegetable garden.
  3. A Tree that you can not see I think.
  4. A Butterfly, a Frog, A Rabbit, and a Bird.
  5. A Pond.
  6. lots of Flowers.
  7. A Path.
  8. Weeds oh no!
  9. lots and lots of Grass.
  10. A Bucket.
  Now lets move on to the Lawn and Garage.
The Lawn

The Garage
  Now the backyard swimming pool and picnic table.

The Swimming pool
The Picnic Table
It includes:
  1.  Four Tables.
  2. Diving Board.
  3. Radio.
  4. Grill.
  5. Open Box.
  6. Lots of Food.
  7. Picnic Table.
  8. Cups.
  Now inside the House.

   This House includes:
  1. 2 bedrooms
  2. 1 bathroom
  3. 1 Kitchen
  4. 1 Livingroom
  5. 2 hallways
  6. 2 stories

Master bedroom

Master Bedroom

Kids Bedroom

Main Level



Living Room

Justin Dos Santos

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What I'm doing for homeschool lately:

Here are some of the classes I've been taking lately:
  1.  Art class.
  2.  BJJ (Jiu-Jitsu) every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  3.  Gym+Swim class at the YMCA every Thursday.
  4.  Swimming class every Monday.
  5.  Hockey every Friday.
  6.  SPD or Hip-Hop every Friday. 
  7.  Chinese.

At home I'm learning:
  1.   Math Ratios, Rates, and Percents.
  2.  Spelling Skills Spelling Patterns, Dictionary Skills, and Proofreading
  3.  Writing Skills by doing Blogger.

My favorite class(es) is/are, and why:
  1.  Gym+Swim. I only like the gym because we only play games.
  2.  BJJ or Jiu-Jitsu. I like it (most of the time) because I do not now why I like it so much all the time.
 My least favorite class(es) is/are, and why:
  1.  SPD. Because no one behaves and we can not thing of any thing to make them stop and now my teachers angry, and I am sad. But sometimes its fun.
  2.  Chinese. I just most of the time do not like it and I do not now why.

I am really good at:
  1.  Chinese.
  2.  BJJ or Jiu-Jitsu.
  3.  Art
  4.  SPD or Hip-hop.

I have room for improvement at:
  1.  Math.
  2.  Spelling.
  Justin Dos Santos

Monday, January 22, 2018

Advice from Justin

I am scared of the news on TV about war, and it frightens me that the USA will get attacked. Please help. I don't know what to do or what to believe on TV anyway! Sorry this was short, hopefully this was good enough.
— Anxious, 14 

  Then stop watching the TV news every day! Anyway the u.s.a. is one of the strongest, most powerful, most richest countries in the world.
  -Justin Dos Santos
My parents are thinking about moving. I want to, but I'm in 5th grade so that would mean going into middle school without knowing anyone! I'm really scared. I know my parents won't listen if I ask to stay one more year, but I don't know what else to do. PLEASE HELP!!!
   Hear are some things you can try.
1.   You can try asking your mom if you can go and visit the teachers working at the middle school.
2. You know that every body that is going to the middle school is going to be new for you right, but they are not going to now anybody ether just like you, you do not now anybody that is going there, but you can try being the first ones to make friends with somebody that should work.
 3.  Or you can just be a little shy and try to get to know your new teacher.


Hi! I hope this question is not silly. but, there’s only one way to say this. I like playing with and collecting American Girl dolls, but I'm afraid people will judge me for it. My friends at school always say how weird they are. Should I give up my obsession or have to face being the least popular person in my school by doing what I love? is it normal for me to love American Dolls?
— Doll Dork, 10
   Well, you could have just not mention them in the first place, but since you already mention them here is some advice.

1.  You can just start to talk about something other then your American Girl dolls all the time.
2.  You can tell your teacher about it and maybe your teacher can do something about the dolls soon.
3. You can try telling your friends that you do not like them saying how weird they are someday soon.

  -Justin Dos Santos

Hi, I sent a letter a while ago but you didn’t respond. Basically my problem has gotten worse. I am busy every second of the day and I never have time to finish my homework until really late at night. I have soccer practice and dance classes, both twice a week. I never get to hang out with my friends or do fun things like that. And homework, and three instruments—lessons plus practicing all of them. And I also need to practice Hebrew for my Bat Mitzbvah, which I am behind on. The thing is if I don’t do all these things because I physically can’t finish them all, everyone gets mad at me!! It’s way too much pressure and I am so stressed out that I cry like every day. When I tried to explain the situation to my mom she got mad and said that I was complaining and I was very lucky to be able to do all these fun things. I know I am but there’s so much riding on all of it. What can I do to cope? Please help!!
— Over-scheduled, 12
  You can see if you can ask your dad somehow if:
1.   Only do one instrument and practice 30 minutes Monday through Friday.
2.   You only need to ether dance or soccer because they both help your legs, and also if your in a teem you should stay and not do dance classes because leaving a teem is not very cool, but if your not in a teem you should chose the one with the most friends of yours.
  -Justin Dos Santos

Friday, January 12, 2018

The things I changed

  This time I forgot to wash my breakfast dish yesterday, but I cleaned my bedroom, and it was very fun to clean.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Today its Tom's birthday

  Today its Tom's birthday but I am not gonna say happy birthday because these are the reasons: 

  1. He did not say happy birthday to me or my brother on our birthdays.
  2. He yelled at me on my birthday for no reason.
  3. He was blaming everything that he did to my mom (Colleen). 

  Justin dos Santos