Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What i read

SUBMARINES by Jonathan Slutherland and Diane Canwell .

  This book is about submarines for war like the U.S. USS Los Angeles, and Russia's Kursk [K-141] .
  I learned a lot. Two of the things i learned are that they are really big, and that people can go on top .

M-ATV's by Denny Von Finn .

  This book is about the M-ATV  missions and the M-ATV's Weapons and Features .
  I learned a lot on this too. one of the things i learned was that M-ATVs have a turret .

Friday, June 9, 2017

The San Francisco Earthquake , 1906

  Eighty percent of the world's earthquakes happen in an area surrounding the Pacific Ocean nicknamed the "ring of fire ." This area has more then 450 active volcanoes .

Follow Directions

2 or more players 

please print this out

NAME __________________________                                                          SCORE _____

what you'll need :

1. a pen or pencil
2. an eraser
3. the printed paper

  1. Read everything carefully before doing anything.

  2. Put your name in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

  3. Circle the word name on sentence two.

  4. Draw five small squares in the upper left-hand corner.

  5. Put an "X" in each square.

  6. Put an circle around each square.

  7. Sign your name under the title of this paper.

  8. After the title write, "yes, yes, yes."

  9. Put a circle completely around sentence number seven.

  10. Put an "X" in the lower left corner of this paper.

  11. Draw a triangle around the "X" you just put down.

  12. On the back of this paper , multiply 703 by 66 .

  13. Draw a rectangle around the word "corner"in sentence four.

  14. Loudly call out your first name when you get this far along.

  15. If you have followed directions carefully to this point, call out, "i have."

  16. On the revers side of this paper , add 1895 and 9305 .

  17. Put a circle around your answer and put a square around the circle.

  18. Punch three small holes in the top of this paper with your pencil point.

  19. if you are the first person to reach this point, LOUDLY , call out I AM THE FIRST PERSON TO REACH THIS POINT , AND I AM THE LEADER IN FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS."

  20. Underline all even numbers on the left side of this paper.


  22. Now that you have finished reading everything, do sentences 1 and 2! keep busy so that others will continue to read without disturbance from you. Do not make any sign to give a clue to your having completed the assigned task.


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Itasca State Park

    The Mississippi River starts at Itasca . Their are at least 11 birds , 14 ground animals , and 3 fish . The birds are Loons , Bald Eagles , Evening Grosbeak , White-throated Sparrow , Hummingbirds , Joys , and the Great Blue Herons . The ground animals are the Forest Wolf Spider , the Dragon Fly , the Panted Turtle ,  the Porcupine , the squirrel , the Frog , the Worm , the Moose , the Deer , the bear , the Wolf ,  and the Spring Peeper .  The Fishes are Walleyes , Trout , and the Pike .

    The woods are really really beautiful but the tics are really bad in the summer .

     At Itasca State Park you can earn a certificate of achievement and a Patch if you complete a JUNIOR PARK NATURALIST book , and become a Junior Park Naturalist in the Pinelands , Hardwoods , and Prairies . When you complete all three biomes , you will be a Nature Expert and earn a Nature Expert patch . ( Hears a example of the Pinelands patch )


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The attacks of September 11 , 2001

       The person manly responsible for the attacks was Osama bin Laden . He was a leader of a terrorist group called Al Qaeda . The group's headquarters was a rustic hideout in the country of Afghanistan . After ten-year manhunt , bin Laden was discovered living in Pakistan . On May 2 , 2011 , Osama bin Laden was killed by SEAL Team 6 , a special operations unit of the United States military .                                              The days after the attacks George w. Bush demanded that Afghanistan's government , run by a group called the Taliban , capture bin Laden and hand him the United States , but they refused . Read i survived the attacks of September 11 , 2001                                                                                                            Justin

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Nazi invasion , 1944

  Germany was sad and scary place in the 1930s , and the country had lost the world war 1 (a war they started , by the way ) . Many Germans felt humiliated of binge defeated in the weld war 1 , and also life was very tough . A large number of Germans were poor and desperate . But in 1945 in May 7 Germany surrenders , and in 1945 September 2 Japan surrenders . World war 2 officially ends . So the Allied forces wan the world war 2 . Read i survived The Nazi invasion 1944 to her the story .                                                                                                                                     Justin

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The bombing of Pearl Harbor , 1941

   Today , the country of Japan is on of America's closest friends in the world . But in the 1930s ,the relationship between the two countries was tense. At December 7th , 1941 America declared war in Japan . Millions of Americans rushed to join the military .                                                                                           Our enemy was not only Japan , but Germany too . Those countries had made a secret agreement to fight together . America joined forces with England and France , which had been fighting against Germany since 1939 and it joined forces with Russia , but in the mean time the Americans wan the war . Read I survived The bombing of Pearl Harbor , 1941 to hear the story .                                                                         Justin