Saturday, June 3, 2017

Itasca State Park

    The Mississippi River starts at Itasca stat park in Minnesoda. Their are at least 11 kinds of birds, 14 kinds of ground animals, and 3 kinds of fish. The birds are Loons, Bald Eagles, Evening Grosbeak, White-throated Sparrow, Hummingbirds, Joys, and the Great Blue Herons. The ground animals are the Forest Wolf Spider, the Dragon Fly, the Panted Turtle,  the Porcupine, the squirrel, the Frog , the Worm, the Moose, the Deer, the bear, the Wolf,  and the Spring Peeper.  The Fishes are Walleyes, Trout, and the Pike.

  The woods are really really beautiful but the tics are really bad in the summer.

     At Itasca State Park you can earn a certificate of achievement and a Patch if you complete a JUNIOR PARK NATURALIST book, and become a Junior Park Naturalist in the Pinelands, Hardwoods, and Prairies. When you complete all three biomes, you will be a Nature Expert and earn a Nature Expert patch like me. ( Hears a example of the Pinelands patch )


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